12 Constellation Led Night Light Projection

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12 Constellation Starry Sky Light Audio Light Projection Light Sleep Meter Led Night Light

Input: 5V/2000MA

LED RGBW: 2*3W (cloud) LED3*1W (night light)

Green laser: 532nm<1mw

The projection can be toggled to switch graphics (moon, planet, etc.) 12 constellations custom switch, the stars move slowly. Create a perfect space galaxy scene.

Safety level: Class Ⅰ

Universal USB input Type-c (mobile power, computer, mobile phone adapter)

Music: Readable USB, Bluetooth.

Remote control: Switch between Music sound control, Bluetooth, LED projection scene laser & LED, full color, single color mixing, sound control, and other modes, which can play music at the same time to create a good atmosphere.

Configuration: light, remote control, manual, USB cable.

Model: BL-12S