Waterproof Long Lasting Mascara

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 3D Silk Fiber Mascara Lengthening Waterproof Long Lasting Curling Thick Mascara Long Eyelashes Extension Make Up
1- Waterproof Lengthening Mascara - Add microfiber, lightweight texture, like mousse. Boasts dense, molded bristles that grip every hard-to-reach lash for dramatic definition, major length, and serious curl, minus any clumps.
2- LENGTHENING AND CURLING - curls, volumizes, give your lashes a visible lift. Longer and thicker fringe, more intense definition, bigger lashes.
3- Meniscus-Shaped Brush - Breakthreough the tradi-tional there is one spe- cialbrush, give your lashes a visible lift, create glamour eye makeup.
4- Do not smudge - formulation of non-smudgy. Paste do not lump and meltdown.
5-Easy to remove - Use the eye make-up remover firstly, more easier to remove the remnant.


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