Car Seat Heating Cover

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CAR SEAT Cover Protective 12v heating car seat auto parts

Product specification

Product Name: Heated Cushion Product size (approx. ): 105*50cm in front row Back row 133*50cm

Color: beige/black/grey/red/brown

Power supply: suitable for 12v car, 12V car battery

Maximum power consumption: 36W±3W

Minimum power consumption: 22W±3W Fuse: 7A

Power cord (approximately. ):115cm Material: polyester fiber 12V General Cigarette Lighter Connector Warm reminder: if there is an error of 1-3cm in manual measurement, the actual object shall prevail

alloy heating wire, intelligent temperature control, and freezing wire, switch plug, high-temperature plug, antiskid back, plush fabric, easy installation.

alloy heating wire-the heating wire consists of more than ten copper-nickel alloy wires and a 500D high-strength tensile bulletproof wire. Each of the ten copper-nickel alloy wires is independent. If one of them is cut off, the product can work normally.

Intelligent temperature control is safer-when the seat cushion is heated to 60℃, the temperature control switch is automatically turned off and the heating cushion stops working. When the temperature drops to 40℃, the thermostat automatically closes and works again.

Anti-freezing wires are specially designed for severe cold areas. The cold-resistant cable has the characteristics of wear resistance, cold resistance, tear resistance, and high flexibility. It has good cold resistance and can be used for a long time in a low-temperature environment without embrittlement and cracking.

The high temperature and flame retardant plug is safer to use. Anti-skid particles on the back can effectively reduce seat cushion displacement and improve driving safety and comfort. Plush fabric is fine and smooth, warm and comfortable, durable warm, suitable for travel.