Laser Slingshot

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Laser Aiming Slingshot Equipped With Level Instrument For Outdoor Sports Hunting Using High Power Slingshot Catapult


  1. A mobile sight design that can quickly lock the target.
  2. The spring pressure design makes it very convenient and quick to replace the rubber band.
  3. The curved handle and man-made mechanical design make it very comfortable to hold in the hand.
  4. The slingshot sight is equipped with a level, so novices can quickly master the balance.
  5. The precise shooting distance of infrared is 20m
  6. Small size, light weight and easy to carry

professional slingshot


External width: 84mm

Internal width: 40mm

Length: 115mm

Weight: 123 grams

Rubber band color: yellow


1 Slingshot (with laser and spirit level)

Or 6pcs x rubber band

Comfortable Design

Our non slip handles are built to be both portable and long lasting. We combined an ergonomic curve with stippled sides to ensure you’re always in control

Incredible Accuracy

Built in fiber optic sights allow you to shoot accurately from any distance. Simply turn the slingshot sideways and aim with a red or green fiber optic dot. For quicker shots simply use the laser sight attached to the handle.