Silicone Shower Foot Scrubber Personal Foot Massage and Cleaning, Non-slip

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Silicone Shower Foot Scrubber Personal Foot Massage and Cleaning, Non-slip - green / United States is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Silicone Bath Massage Cushion Brush For Lazy Wash Feet Clean Dead Skin Bathroom Artifact Back Cushion Shower Foot.

Silicone Shower Foot Scrubber Personal Foot Massage and Cleaning, Non-slip Foot Scrubber for Men and Women.

Soft Healthy material: made from silicon material, no harmful matter produce even in hot bath water, provide soft and delight shower experience.

None slip shower experience: silicone foot scrubber can hold you on slippery shower floor, prevent you from falling. Different from normal plastic suction cups, the ultra slip-proof silicone suction cups make sure it never slip even on wet or foam floor.

Skin-friendly silicone bristles: Do you know? Normal skin brushes uses PVC bristles, they are actually constantly scratching & damaging your skin. silicone foot scrubber uses silicone bristles, they rub your feet gently, clean your feet without damaging them.

Durable Stable and Flexible: not like normal plastic foot scrubber, silicone foot scrubber can persist for a super long time, due the stability of silicon, a single silicon foot scrubber can be used at least 1-3 years.

Ultimate Shower Solution: Easy to wear and easy to clean, silicone foot scrubber managed to simplify the washing- maintain process to make sure there's no difficulty to keep it clean after long time using.

Ultra Soft Silicone Material

Caring Your Feet While Cleaning Silicone Foot Scrubber is made out from natural silicone material, makes you feel the softest and the most comfortable touching experience even with your hands. If your feet are sensitive enough for you to use those hard-bristle brushes, then why don't give this soft one a try? Soft, Natural and Comfortable Zero Damage to Your Feet Bad Smell? Chemistry Side Effect? No!

Why Choose Silicone Foot Scrubber

ONE:100% Silicone foot scrubber uses 100% silicone to provide ultra soft cleaning experience, removing mess from your feet while keep you comfortable. Decorate your bathroom with lighter colors.

TWO: Silicone Suction Cups, Never Slip Again

Not like original suction cups, we uses multiple small suction cups to make sure you can stand firmly and stably on wet shower floor. Once stand, never fall.

THREE: Soft, but Effective

Are you still worrying about hard foot scrubber hurts your feet? It won't matter anymore! Silicone bristles makes the shower experience softer than ever! Sometimes, the soft works better than the hard.

A Much Easier Way to Clean Your Feet

Get to Use Immediately

Feeling bad with strong smell? Don't want to deal with plastic package? No worry, our silicone foot scrubbers contain no strange odor, no redundant package. Just open the package and start to enjoy! and the returning process will also be much easier.

Gain the Natural Feelings

Meidong silicone foot scrubber gives you the best wearing feelings, enhance your feet circulation, improves your showering experience to a new level. Inspiration sparks when you get relaxed.

A Must-have Shower Accessories

You deserve a better shower to wash out the fatigue and stress in your daily life. Even in the darkest day, a simple shower can gives you a better world, and we want to play a better part in it. Let the bad moods gone with the flow.