3-in-1 Easy Caulking Tool 32-27-11 pcs

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Silicone Caulking Scraper Tool Cement Sealant Nozzle Set 3 In 1 Applicator Trimming Kit

11/27/32 pcs Silicone Sealant Spreader Spatula Scraper Cement Caulk Removal Tool Practical Floor Cleaner Tile Cleaner

The v-shaped sharp blade helps easily remove tough, hard-to-reach grouts from corners, joints and edges at any angle. Also you can apply scraper to gently remove glue residues.

1. 32Pcs, Three in one caulking tool. This upgraded caulking tool is ideal for all sealing operations, improving agglutination quality and surface aesthetics.
2. Ease to use. Squeegee-stainless steel squeegees and silica gel squeegees are available in two modes. The former removes stubborn old glue and the latter removes surface bumps and depressions to do most of the silicone work, any edges, corners and seams.
3. Great all-in-one tool. With our packaged kit, you can use it without having to switch between tools. Overall, it can help you reduce the waste of sealant, no need to use tape, easy and fast use, save your money and time.
4. Wide range of applications. When you have gaps in your kitchen, bathroom, water tank, window, sink seams, etc., our tools make it easier to work with all types of gaps, and all gaps look flaw-less

Material:  Silicone
Color: See Photo

Package Includes:
11/27/32pcs x Caulking Tool