Floating Moon Lamp 3D Printing LED Night Light Magnetic levitation Rotating

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3D magnetic levitation moon light black technology 3D printing magnetic levitation star light

Product standard configuration: starry sky light, base, power adapter, manual

Product size: starry sky light 14CM

Base size: 19.5cm in diameter

Product description:


1. The starry sky light is powered by electromagnetic induction, no built-in battery is needed, and there is no connection line between the moon light and the power supply.

2. The starry sky ball light has three colors of white light, warm white light and warm yellow light, which change with each touch.

3. After the base is connected to the power supply and the switch is turned on, it is in a working state. After the ball light is placed on the top of the base as required, the ball light will automatically light up. As long as the power supply is not disconnected, the light can be kept on.

4. The bulb can rotate after being stable.

5. Compared with the traditional lamp, the ball lamp consumes less electrode.




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