Bulgarian Power Bag


 Bulgarian Bag Sport Fitness Exercise Bag


Material: space leather + PP cotton / can be filled with 5-25kg (without filler)

Product size: 52*20*20CM (foldable)

Product weight: 0.5kg

Product color: red, black, green


1: Widely used: Through a variety of sports and exercises, including excellent sports skills, including dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, they can support excellent sports skills; and any other form Different functional changes that cannot be completed.

2: High-quality materials are made of high-quality PU materials, strong and durable.

3: Easy to clean Synthetic leather coating, easy to wipe and clean, can be used for training upper and lower body.

4: Portable, light weight, small size, easy to store and use.

5: The product delivery does not contain fillers, customers need to fill in by themselves.