Nail Art Color Pen

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100% new high-quality products.

The product adopts the design of air

cushion device, which is easier to operate, more convenient, and saves

time and time compared with the general nail powder coloring.

The powder is fine and easy to color, and easy to extend.

Full color, rich color, with pearlescent effect, high color rendering.

It can be colored in one stroke, not easy to fall off powder, and can be perfectly combined with solid powder.

There is no requirement for the base color of nails, it can be applied

to any base color of nail gel, and can be perfectly combined.

Multi-use, can be used for coloring with nail art, can be used as eye makeup coloring.

Suitable for home or professional nail salons.

how to use:

1. Clean the nail surface

2. Primer

3. Pick up powder with an eye shadow stick and apply it to your nails

4. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the effect.

5. Seal with UV TOP COAT.


Product size: 11.6*1.3*1.3cm

Product weight: 9g

Applicable crowd: general

Product color: as shown

Shelf life: 3 years

Package Included:

1*Air Cushion Magic Pen