All In One Picture Hanging Tool

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Hang-O-Matic All-in-One Picture Hanging Tool, Picture Hanger, Picture Frame 


Anyone who has hung photos, mirrors, shelves, televisions, and other objects knows that making it perfect once can be frustrating. Are you tired of spending too much time trying to measure, but in the end it is a hole or crooked result?

The walls are destroyed, and you have to spend time to repair and paint for this, which is really frustrating. With the all-in-one picture hanging tool, you can stop drilling holes in the wall and guess where the nails or screws are placed. Any item can be precisely mounted on the wall, so you can hang it up the first time.


All-in-one function -It is difficult to directly hang up pictures, mirrors, shelves, TVs and other items at once. To simplify the process, the tool can measure, level and mark walls at the same time. You no longer need to buy a complicated tape measure or expensive laser level. Use this tool to get perfect results. Reusable, convenient to carry and easy to store.

Well-designed -Includes a sliding yellow bubble level and contains a sliding pin for precise marking. For larger items, it can also be extended to six feet high. The user can be guided to mark the wall accurately at the desired position for horizontal or vertical hanging.

Easy to use -With level and metal buckle point, you can accurately and quickly read whether the plane is balanced and find the corresponding point to buckle the position in time, which is more convenient, accurate and convenient for traditional measuring instruments. Measuring and positioning in one step.

Compact size -This all-in-one tool is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, foldable to 9 inches, and easy to store. The tape measure can also be extended to six feet, allowing you to easily hang larger items.

Allows you to easily hang anything on the wall evenly and make it completely flat. In just three simple steps, you can hang anything you want quickly and efficiently.

Step 1:Align the two pointers of the tool with the two anchor points on the back of the item you want to hang.
Step 2:Select the location on the wall where you want to hang it. Set the all-in-one tool to the height you have chosen and press firmly on the ends to mark the two anchor points on the wall.
Step 3:Mount the item on the wall using nails, screws or hangers.




Product weight


Product size

  • 22 x 5cm

The longest measuring distance


Package includes

All In One Picture Hanging Tool x 1


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.

"For some reason, I have been having trouble hanging photos on the wall. Need to measure, measure again, mark the wall, measure again, measure again, drill a hole in the wall, hang a photo, go back and look at my picture, repeating. I don't know why after many measurements and leveling, my photos are still so curved in the end. This is really frustrating and left many extra holes in my walls. Well, this tool has changed all of this! Hanging a picture is very easy! The trivial tasks that used to take 30 minutes to complete now only take 5 minutes. For new homeowners, this will be a perfect gift."