Rechargeable Painless Pet Painless Pet Nail Grinder

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Rechargeable Painless Pet Painless Pet Nail Grinder

  • Safe, painless, effective: dog nail grinder equipped. dog nail grinder is made of premium diamond bit grinders that are safer, more robust, and more corrosion-resistant, reducing the risk of overcutting and hurting your pets. with a safeguard cap, you can cut the pet's nails precisely round and smooth and protect your pet's delicate nail nerves from injuries. no pain or discomfort for a relaxed experience!
  • Low noise, slow vibrations: this electric dog nail grinder uses a superior motor with ultra-quiet technology that can protect your pets from fear, anxiety and antipathy so that you can finish grinding quickly and pets can get freedom faster. perfect for pet grooming store or home use.

  • Advanced 2-speed switch, 3 grinding ports: the trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design, you can adjust the most suitable speed of grinding nail according to the hardness of the nail. And with 3 ports to match small, medium, or large pets, simply choose the appropriate port. it's designed for pet manicures.

  • USB rechargeable, more convenient: rechargeable dog nail grinder has a long battery life which can last 7-hour usage after a 1.5-hour charge. including a USB wire, it can easily connect to laptops, ac adapters, car chargers, and mobile power banks to charge your pet nail grinder at any time and anywhere, no need to change batteries anymore. the lightweight and ergonomic body design also make it easier and convenient to handle in your right or left hand.

Measurement In CM
Length Width Height
ONE SIZE 20 13 5
Measurement In Inch
Length Width Height
ONE SIZE 7.9 5.1 2.0


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.


  • Port 1: for small-sized pets

  • Port 2: for medium-sized pets

  • Port 3: for large-sized pets & fast grinding

Speed 1 / Speed2


Have you ever hurt your pets by accident during the trimming process?

Cause toe disease / Catch broken furniture / Scatches / Over Cutting 

Diamond Bit Grinder / Protective Sleeve / ON/OFF Speed 1/Speed 2 / Charging Indicator  / Charger Plug

Charging: Red light Full Charge: Green Light Working Indicator: Blue Light


Charging Time: 2hrs

Operating time: 7hrs

power Bank / computer (PC) / Power Adapter USB Outlet