Cracked Translucent Dinosaur Egg Water Ripple Star Light USB Bluetooth Remote Control Music Atmosphere Projection Night Light

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First: The luminous projection lamp with unique shape. A broken dinosaur hatched an egg shaped starlight projector, which seemed to hide a small dinosaur, waiting to come out at any time! The children took the projector home, and the wonderful scene of the starry sky inspired them to discover the wild imagination of the universe, which is the first choice as a gift for children;

Second: 19 relaxing white noises, easy to fall asleep. From the sound of frogs, the sound of rain to wind chimes, you can sleep safely with relaxing music. This star light has 3 brightness adjustments and nebula speed options, and can set a working time of 1 hour/2 hours to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, so that you can sleep soundly overnight;

Third: small size, easy to carry, can be used in the car, simulating the atmosphere of the Rolls Royce Star Dome;

Fourth: A variety of painting colors can be selected, and there is always one suitable for your aesthetic;

Fifth: The button adopts the crack painting 3D spray painting process, which makes the product more quality. Moreover, the product uses the atmosphere light guide bar, which is synchronized with the projection light, and the effect is more beautiful.

Product Parameters:

Input voltage: 5V -- 2A

Shell material: ABS+PC

Product size: 12 * 14cm

Motor parameters: 3V 1-4/Min

Control mode: button, remote control, voice control

Safety level: class 2

Working temperature: - 10 ℃~40 ℃

Shell material: ABS+PC

Horn parameters: 4 Ω 3W * 1

Motor parameters: 3V 1-4/Min

Projection area: 15~50 ㎡

Shell material: ABS+PC

Horn parameters: 402 3W * 1

Product size: 12 * 14cm

Motor parameters: 3V 1-4/Min

Packing Specification:

Color box size: 13 * 13 * 16.5CM

Net weight of single set: 0.57kg

Packing quantity: 24PCS

Outer box: 54.5 * 40.5 * 35CM

Gross weight of the whole box: 14.5KG


Package list: Dinosaur egg lamp (including base) * 1, instruction manual * 1, TYPE-C data cable * 1, remote control * 1

Product description: This product is a combination of four color watermark light and green laser. The watermark has four colors: red, white, blue and green. The laser color is green. The remote control can control the watermark color, watermark speed and watermark mode., Bluetooth mode, single laser control, brightness, music control, sound control, timing function, switch. As long as you turn on Bluetooth, you can connect any mobile phone or other devices without checking.

Precautions: 1. Please do not look directly at the laser hole to avoid eye injury. 2. This machine is only for indoor use, not waterproof, moisture-proof and shockproof

Remote control and automatic shutdown timer

In addition to the 4 in 1 star projector Galaxy light, you can also get a remote control that allows you to control the color lights, projection mode, brightness, speed, music selection, volume and timer. The auto-off timer can be set to 1 or 2 hours. If you forget to set the timer, the device will automatically turn off the power after 4 hours. The remote control and automatic timer are easy to use, and provide flexibility when setting off the timer at a certain time.