DC5V 8led Camping Computer Portable USB Gift Light USB reading Night Light Creative Small Table Lamp use with laptop adapter

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Name: USB light 8L ED

Product specification: 101mm * 18mm * 9mm

Net weight of the product: about 12g

Lamp beads: LED 5730 * 8 pieces

Input voltage: 3V -5V

Working current: 500ma

Product brightness: 200L M

Color temperature: Warm color 3000K

White light 7000K

Features: Standard USB plug, compact, 8 pieces

The lamp beads glow.

Purpose: Pluggable laptop, desktop computer,

Mobile power supply, power adapter, etc

Advantages: Convenient to carry, efficient, energy-saving, exquisite, and aesthetically pleasing to use

Tu Kuan is affordable in price.

Material: The shell is made of environmentally friendly PC raw materials, which are resistant to

High temperature, resistance to heavy pressure, and excellent use of circuit boards