Deep Cleaning Toilet Brush Set


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Flexible Toilet Brush Deep Cleaning Toilet Brush With A Custom Removable Base Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush Can Quickly Dry The.
Can clean without dead ends, specially designed for grooves, deep cleaning of toilet, easy to clean all kinds of stubborn stains
Equipped with a custom removable base, which can quickly dry the toilet brush, has good ventilation, and is clean and hygienic
Made of high-grade TPR and Resin material, which is very durable, elastic, and not easy to be damaged or break
Ergonomically elongated handle of Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush is convenient to take, making cleaning easier
Can bend at 90 degrees, have deep cleaning effect, and fashionable

Item Type: Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush
Material: Resin+ TPR
Weight: 454g

Package List:
1 Set Bathroom Toilet Brush

1. Due to different lighting and screen settings, item colors may vary slightly from the pictures.
2. Due to the difference in manual measurement, please allow a 1-2cm difference in size.

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