iSteady X Vlogger Kit 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal with Wireless Microphone

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Hohem Isteady X Gimbal 3-Axis Opvouwbare Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal Voor Iphone Voor Xiaomi Smartphone Pk Smooth X Dji osmo

As Light as a Smartphone Weighting 259 grams, iSteady X is as light as a smartphone, which make it the lightest 3-axis mobile gimbal so far. Travel with it to record your daily life and explore the beautiful world without any unnecessary burden.
Designing as an ultra compact gimbal, iSteady X makes every detail to simply its outline, is almost as compact as a selfie stick and easy to hand into a palm. Whether put it in your pocket or carry it in your handbag, you’ll enjoy a feel great moment with this small gadget anytime, anywhere.
Due to the simple control buttons and App guide, even beginners can learn to use the gimbal with few steps and just a tap on App screen, to get some cinematic shot and creative video editing.
With built-in advanced stabilizing chip and integrated new generation algorithm “iFlow” into the mechanical control system, iSteady X is compact but powerful to support  mobile device up to 280 grams.
The Selfie Stick Mode is able to make iSteady X as a selfie stick, with more possibilities on demands of photo taking, the specific design allows you to lock the motors and use the gimbal even it is out of battery.
The angled tilt motor makes the footage of wide-angle camera display obstruction free. This additional design of iSteady X providing extra option to the users with smartphone built-in wide-angle camera.
How do you shoot from a low angle? Just hold iSteady X upside-down and the smartphone will auto rotate to a low angle shooting viewpoint along with your movement, to avoid any multual interference between motors.
The App “Hohem Pro” and iSteady X combine to come with face-tracking 3.0 which is upgraded with AI face recognition algorithm, this accuracy of technology allows to track face instantly and always in the line of sight.
Moment mode helps you to create cinematic videos with professional skills, by reference to multiple templates where is able to auto add transitions, music, filter and other effects just with one tap, to enjoy and share the moment with your friend immediately.
Auto 6-side calibration with great accuracy to reset the motors of gimbal and complete the detection quickly, free up your hands without any more complex manual operation.