Multifunctional Electric Meat Grinder Rechargeable

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  • Power (W): 70w
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of speeds: 2 or more
  • Number of nozzles: Up to 3
  • Function: Cutter attachment
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Use: Family



- Multi-purpose, 8-second fast twisting.
- Adjustable in speed, both soft and hard, precise gear control, and free control of fineness.
- The three-dimensional blade, combined with the flow around the cup body, cuts the ingredients in multiple directions, and the three-dimensional grinding makes the meat more delicate.
- Transparent glass bowl with vertical embossing, the material shows the posture of the ingredients at a glance.
- Anti slip silicone pad, made of health and safety materials, stabilizes the body and prevents easy movement.
- There are three-dimensional turbulence ribs on the inner wall of the bowl, making it easy to crush ingredients.
- Hidden charging port, safe and waterproof, wireless use, easy and convenient.

Product parameters:

Product power: 70W
Blade: three-dimensional double blade knife
Charging time: 2-5H
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Capacity: minced meat bowl (500ml * 1), other small bowls (100ml * 3)