Physical Exercise Plastic Glowing Balls Glowing Bouncing Ball Balance Training Ankle Skip Ball Best Gifts for Kid Children

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Glowing Bouncing Ball Physical Exercise Plastic Glowing Balls Balance Training Indoor Outdoor Game Best Gifts for Kid Children
1. Safe Materials: Glowing bouncing ball is made from safe materials that are non-toxic and harmless, ensuring no adverse effects on children"s health. Additionally, it features anti-slip and impact-resistant designs to ensure children"s safety during playtime.
2. Glow in the Dark Flashing Design: Plastic glowing ball features a glow in the dark flashing technology that emits a bright light in low-light environments. Kids can enjoy playing with it during the night or in dimly lit areas, adding excitement and fun.
3. Multifunctional Toy: Flashing skip ball serves not only as a bouncing ball but also as a footbag, hu la hoop, skipping ring, and single-leg kicking ball. Children can choose different play styles based on their preferences, enhancing the toy"s versatility and entertainment value.
4. Physical Exercise: Bouncing the ball and engaging in other play styles require kids to move their bodies, exercising their muscle strength, balance, and coordination. By using indoor outdoor game, children can actively participate in physical activities, promoting their overall physical fitness.
5. Inspires Creativity: The glow in dark flashing design of sports swing ball and varied play styles stimulate children"s creativity and imagination. They can create various game rules and movements, fostering creative thinking while increasing the toy"s playability and enjoyment.

Certification: CE
Origin: Mainland China
Recommend Age: 6+y
Model Number: Glowing Bouncing Ball
Certification: Europe certified (CE)
Theme: Sports
Size: 160.00mm
Size: 6.3inch
Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow/Blue/Pink(Optional)

The color of the accessories is random and not specified. Please read carefully before purchasing.
It contains small accessories and sharp objects, and children should be accompanied by adults to complete it. Please take care of children and avoid swallowing.
Because the display pixels are different, there may be a slight color difference.
Due to different measurement methods, there may be an allowable error of 1-3cm.


1 x Charger
2pcs x Battery
1 x Ball