Physiotherapy Electric Heating Pad Warm Table Pad Knee Pad Warm Foot

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Physiotherapy Electric Heating Pad Warm Table Pad Knee Pad Warm Foot

Product description

Relieve pain and muscle damage! You will love this heating pad! Do you want to get rid of back pain or unbearable cramps? No need to withstand cheap and fragile small heating pads! This high-quality cramp is very suitable for cramps. Super strong and long lasting, can penetrate effectively. Pain relief in a few seconds.

Super fast heating can pierce muscles and debris in a few seconds! There is no need to worry that the thermal pad will break after a week, and you will not feel pain due to thermal pad failure or insufficient temperature. The pad will provide you with the heat you need. You hope you found it a few years ago!

Made of soft crystal super soft fiber, used in the most luxurious and comfortable winter pajamas, giving people an extraordinary sense of comfort, making it a perfect heating pad, very comfortable, can relieve the neck, shoulders, legs or Back pain in the abdomen.

A variety of personalized heating settings-wet and dry options are machine washable! Low, medium or high temperature heat setting + can be used in damp or dry conditions, imagine you will get a pain-free life in this way.

Product package:
1x physiotherapy pad

1x power cord