Plastics Parts Crystal Coating Plastics Trim Restorer For Cars Maintenance Agent Durable Car Plastics Restorer Sponge Waterproof

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1. Special Scientific Formula Our Plastics Parts Crystal Coating has a special scientific formula that will never damage your parts, trim, or anything else that might come into contact with it. Just apply it to a sponge and wipe gently to refresh your car.
2. Built To Last Our Plastics Restorer is built to last! It provides an excellent shine, and you will be amazed at how it can refresh your entire car in minutes. The effects can last up to six months.
3. Disperse Rain Car Trim Restorer helps to disperse rain and remove sleet, ice, etc., so these things don'ts stick to the glass and don"t interfere with your vision.
4, Easy To Use Plastics Parts Refurbish Agent is easy to use, and it only takes three easy steps to refresh your car. No work experience is required, and novices can do it independently.
5,【Wide Range Of Application Trim Restorer Automotive has a wide range of applications and can be used in automotive instrument panels, door frames, door panels, pedals, and other parts.

Steps for the usage of Plastics Parts Crystal Coating
Step 1
Wash and dry your vehicle as usual.
Spray parts with a crystal coating on surfaces, panels, or small areas.

Step 2
Gently wipe the exterior coating with a towel or our own sponge.

Step 3
Using the clean side immediately, gently buff the coating to an incredible sheen that can be reused many times
Product name: Plastics Parts Crystal Coating
Dimensions (Approx.):
Sponge: 7*2.9*1.3cm/2.8*1.1*0.5inch
Product: 8.4*2.9cm/3.3*1.1inch
Material: PE
Capacity: 30ml
Storage way: Store in a cool, dry place
Scope of application: almost all PP exterior refurbishment
Packing List:
Plastics Parts Crystal Coating*1

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