Chilling Stones

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Recyclable Drink Chilling Cubes New Whisky Stones Ice Cubes Set Food Grade Stainless Steel Wine Cooling Rock Party Bar Tool

Adding ice can spoil the taste of your favorite wine!Chill your alcohols or beverages while retaining their flavor without diluting them. Simply drop these stainless-steel ice cubes that never melt into your drinks to get the best freezing temperature.

Faster to get freezer and colder than traditional ice cube. Made of food graded stainless steel that comes with gel inside the cube to extend the chillingEnjoy your chilled drinks to the last drop.

Colder and more long-lasting than traditional ice.

Lowest freezing point: -46.5℃ / -51.7℉.

Reusable and dishware safe.

Easy cleaning. Simply wash the cubes with soap and warm water.

Durable, never rust, corrode, or wear down.

Reliable FDA Certification & BPA Free. Give no added taste or smell to your Ice.

Perfect and ideal for all kinds of drinks and beverages, such as cocktail, whiskey, hurricane glasses, iced coffee, and iced tea.

4 x Recyclable Drink Chilling Cube