Whirlpool Pool Lighting Led Underwater Light Floating Lights Bath tub Disco light

$24.00 $25.99

Whirlpool Pool Lighting Led Underwater Light Floating Lights Bathtub Disco light with 5 different light shows for Spa, Bath, Hot tub
The Underwater Light Show can float on the surface of the water and projects light and color on to the bottom and sides of the pool
It is an inexpensive and effective alternative to expensive lighting systems for your pool, spa or pond and is really FUN to watch. You'll enjoy it for hours on end!
A dazzling blend of five color red LEDs and five different light patterns ensure you never tire of one particular show, whilst giving you the option to select a display to suit the occasion and your mood.
Attractive light patterns project 360 degrees around the room, covering the walls with color, giving you a soothing mood light as well as a fantastic underwater disco ball
Require 3 x AAA battery (not included)819--QplZDL._SL1500_61U3au-oH-L._SL1200_71m0JJwNN%2BL._SL1200_71qYpsxsblL._SL1200_518JVhlz49L614pKEcjCNL._SL1200_